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Firm Overview

Types of Cases Our Firm Handles:

We handle many types of cases to bench and jury trials in Charles Town, West Virginia including DUI, Criminal and Traffic.

We Think You Should Hire Us If:

You want a lawyer who will personally handle your file and will be available for consultation afternoons, evenings and weekends. We will fairly evaluate your case and determine the most favorable course. We will not hesitate to go to trial on your case; that decision, however, will ultimately be yours.

Our Firm Is Not Right for You If:

You are looking for a lawyer who will only tell you what you want to hear. We will work with you to honestly assess the facts of the case.

If You Want to Tell Our Law Firm About Your Situation, You Should:

We personally communicate with you whenever possible. If we are in court when you call, you can leave a message with our secretary or on our voicemail. We personally guarantee you will hear back from us in 24 hours or less – most often, much less.

The Typical Cost to Get Us to Start Working on Your Case Is:

The cost varies depending on the allegation and facts of the case. A fee will be quoted at our initial consultation.

Our Clients Will Tell You That:

Our level of experience, knowledge of the law, and personal familiarity with the judges, prosecutors, and system are great advantages. In addition, our personal and regular contact with clients, availability and involvement with every aspect of the case bring the most favorable results.

Our Philosophy on How We Approach Our Cases Is:

Depending on the type of case, we like to find out as much as we can about the facts of the case and talk to anyone who can help our defense. At that time, we can discuss your options. The stronger our defense appears to the prosecutor, the better our chances are of getting a favorable result.

If You Want to Learn More About Our Firm, You Should:

Contact us for a free initial consultation where we can answer your questions.